Optimize Graphics Performance

Good performance is very closely related to good user experience. User wants to see constant progress with the game and do the smooth gameplay. To get the optimal result, graphics performance needs to be up to snuff and work across all different mobile devices (phones, tablets etc.) the very same. This can be achieved by optimizing graphics performance with test automaton on real mobile devices.

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Web Testing with Interactive

Hi everyone,

The Interactive feature in Testdroid Cloud has been out for couple of months and widely used by anyone who wants to get manual access to the last Android devices at an affordable price.

We have introduced how to use Appium/Selenium for mobile web development and testing. Today, we will have a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to test mobile websites manually with Interactive. Here we go.

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Dear Testdroiders,

As of today, the new policy of our free devices available for trial use in Testdroid Cloud will take effective. We’ve had a variety of different Intel Atom powered devices available for free of charge at Testdroid Cloud – for a trial use. And today we’re happy to inform you that we have added few more free devices and set those as a default device group.

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using only real devices for app testing

In the real world, many developers and testers have migrated to using real devices for app testing from emulators. Yet, mythes like ‘We use emulators only’ or ‘Emulators are also good for testing’ still persists. But the truth is that no one would use your application or play your game on an emulator for any reason. Mobile apps and games that get tested on emulators cannot deliver the optimal quality to your users. Without a high quality, your application will eventually get removed from users’ mobile devices.

Today we will cover 4 myths and truths about whether to use emulators or real devices:

  • User experience
  • Hardware – All about devices
  • Software – Platform and Customization
  • Infrastructure and Network

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Bugs are evil for your mobile applications, games and websites. They surely are the ultimate reason of why your app don’t get 100 million downloads from app markets. That’s why you need to do app testing. To get the most out of your testing efforts, getting involved with app testing as early as possible in development phase is the best way to ensure good quality, on time and with less overall effort and costs.

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