Device Diversity in Mobile Testing

Lingkai Shao

By Lingkai Shao
17 Jul 2014

From now and then, you find one or two pieces of negative comments like ‘Crashes on my Nexus 4’ or ‘It totally doesn’t work on my HTC EVO’. For the first comment, all you need to do is test more on Nexus 4, while the best suggestion for the second comment or alike is do not skip testing your app on that single model. Put it in another way, you need to ensure device diversity in your mobile app testing.

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AT&T Bootstrap Week: Testdroid – Automate Your Mobile App Testing with Real Devices

Lingkai Shao

By Lingkai Shao
09 Jul 2014

Google I/O 2014 has gone for a couple of weeks. It is time to move on with new mobile events. We will be hosting a webinar on AT&T July Bootstrap Week on Monday, July 14th at 11am PDT and will walk you through why mobile app test automation is over manual testing and how you can benefit from the adoption of test automation.

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Android L – and what you need to know about stability of prior Android versions!

Ville-Veikko Helppi

By Ville-Veikko Helppi
26 Jun 2014

Not Liquorice, Lollipop or anything that were predicted to be the name of the next Android version. Google just calls it ‘L’ – at least for now. What makes Android great is its constant improvement, version by version, provided by Google with tons of new features - and naturally a bit more challenging for app developers as well. As it is not always about the look&feel – let’s see how some latest versions worked for app devs:

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Meet with Testdroid during Google I/O 2014

Lingkai Shao

By Lingkai Shao
25 Jun 2014

Hello Android fellows,

If you are like everyone at Testdroid, you must be excited now as well. Why? The most popular and important Android annual event – Google I/O 2014 is kicking off  at 9 AM PDT today. As a part of the whole Android ecosystem, Testdroid team is eager and interested to see what’s new in Android development, what new devices (mobile handsets or wearable) will be unveiled, and etc.

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Building In-House Test Labs #5: Operating your in-house device lab

Jouko Kaasila

By Jouko Kaasila
17 Jun 2014

This last blog post on our blog series on how to build enterprise grade in-house devices labs will cover very important aspect of achieving the reliability you need: Operations – this means the day to day activities and arrangements you need to do to ensure that your device lab is able to operate 24/7 and it will keep producing repeatable results every day and night. Here are some of the best practices we have learned while operating Testdroid Cloud:
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