DevOps / Automation Engineer

Bitbar is a mobile devops company that is aiming to be a one-stop shop for all your mobile development needs. We already provide a comprehensive, world-leader testing solution utilizing real devices, and now we’re excited to be working on the next generation of synthetic monitoring tool.

Job Description

As a DevOps engineer you will be working closely with our DevOps teams in Europe to automate the management and provisioning of Bitbar Testing (aka Testdroid) platform. The role requires previous experience on Linux and OSX and previous experience on Android and iOS are a plus, but we can train you to have the necessary knowledge about the tools and frameworks we are using.


  • Experienced with systems and IT operations.
  • Experience with configuration management and automation tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.
  • Knowledge of running internet web servers (TCP/IP, DNS, routing, security, hardening, encryption standards)
  • Ensure that our hardware, software and the overall system architecture are secure, reliable, scalable, fault tolerant and efficient
  • Automate server (AWS) and mobile cloud testing farm provisioning
  • Architect and automate zero-downtime software deployments
  • Architect and implement the monitoring and alerting systems of various components
  • Good experience with Linux shell and scripting languages
  • Understanding of VMs, linux containers and their applications.
  • Ability to use a wide variety of (open-source) technologies and tools.
  • Able to select, deploy and maintain the tools required to optimize our development processes.
  • Comfortable with frequent, incremental code testing and deployment cycles.
  • Excellent communicator in fluent spoken and written English.

The position is open in San Jose, CA.

If you like working with people who are smart, international, driven, thorough, and proud to build world-class products then this is the team for you.

To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to, titled “Bitbar DevOps Engineer”

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