Android app testing: Robotium and Bitbar Continuous Integration service in practice

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With Bitbar automatic build and test service you can automatically test your applications against multiple Android phone configurations simultaneously as part of your Continuous Integration (CI) process. By automating your application testing you can ensure that your application behaves correctly on every Android version, which will reduce costs and increase efficiency of the testing process. Robotium (Android UI testing tool) tests are independent from the application source code and are easy to create with popular Selenium UI testing style syntax.

See the new Bitbar Continuous Integration service for Android developers in practice:



Bitbar Continuous Integration system for android applications – benefits:

  • Building application for every developer’s code submission (commit or push).
  • Emulating every real word Android device.
  • Testing the application automatically on many emulators in one go.
  • Publishing the test results with test trends charts, hierarchical list of tests and details about failed test cases.
  • Live monitoring of your automatic test execution.
  • Checking application’s layout on the screenshots from every emulator configuration.