Android multi device Robotium testing with Bitbar Testdroid

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This week we created a video demonstrating Bitbar Testdroid testing solution in real live action running automated Robotium UI tests simultaneously on 6 Android phones and 2 emulator configurations. The video gives a good idea how much time you can save with this solution as running the tests simultaneously takes only minutes but if you were to run these manually on each of these devices it would take hours. Additionally all results are stored in nice human readable form enabling test trend comparisons between builds.

You can see from the video how significantly test execution time varies between each device giving a good measure of application’s performance on each real device.
The nice thing is that there is practically no limit on how many devices and emulator configurations can be attached to Testdroid setup so new ones can be added as soon as they hit the market.

The devices used on this test setup are:
– Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android 2.2)
– Samsung Galaxy S (Android 2.2)
– Samsung Galaxy Spica (Android 1.6)
– ZTE Blade Elisa operator variant (Android 2.1)
– ZTE Blade Sonera operator variant (Android 2.1)
– Android 2.1 update 1 with QVGA resolution
– Android 2.1 update 1 with HVGA resolution