Announcing Testdroid Cloud on IBM Bluemix

Dear Testdroiders,

Lately, we’ve been working together with IBM to enable Testdroid Cloud access via IBM Bluemix – and today, we’re honored to announce availability of Testdroid Cloud (and our best plans) in IBM Bluemix. With this service, mobile app developers, game developers, QA folks and DevOps professionals can access the most diverse and largest device farm of real Android and iOS devices via IBM Bluemix.

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Our Testdroid Cloud provides practical, reliable, and easy-to-access platform for mobile app testing using real devices and enabling various test automation frameworks, manual testing capabilities and API access for specific testing needs.

Designed with the needs of app developers in mind, Testdroid Cloud provides all-in-one solution that is developed for immediate productivity, high-quality and accurate results, and cost-savings for its users. With Testdroid Cloud users – app developers and QA people – can consistently ensure that their mobile product works well across an array of real devices.

How to Get Started with Testdroid Cloud on IBM Bluemix

To get started quickly with Testdroid Cloud via IBM Bluemix, just complete these two steps:

1. Create an instance of the service from the Bluemix catalog

IBM Bluemix provides a fantastic set of different IBM technologies and third party products that are available for users to build their mobile apps and now also test those apps with devices on cloud.

2. Open the Testdroid Cloud dashboard to select or upload tests

After you’ve created a Bluemix account and select the service level from catalog, you’ll be redirected to Testdroid Cloud dashboard.

More information and step-by-step instructions of how to get started and how to fully utilize all great features of IBM Bluemix and Testdroid Cloud together check out these step-by-step instructions.

Happy Testing Folks!

  • Leo Walker

    Good news! I’ll try it out