Appium Support at Testdroid Cloud is More Powerful than Ever

Parallelism in Mobile App Testing

Dear Testdroiders,

Appium is getting more popular and widely used day by day and we have been trying our best to bring you the greatest experience of Appium test execution at Testdroid Cloud. Today we have great news to share that Appium Server-Side Execution is now available for all users with Testdroid Cloud SOLO plan or above.



Appium Server-Side Execution

To get access to Appium Server-Side Execution, subscribing to Testdroid Cloud SOLO plan as low as $99 per month will enable you to automate Appium tests at scale on multiple real devices. It’s very easy to conduct your first Server-Side Execution:

1. Create a Project named with Appium Android Server Side or Appium iOS Server Side depending on your need.

Appium Server-Side Execution

2. Upload your .apk and test file. Make sure that you compress all needed test files into a zip file. If you need more details on what files are needed, check it from here – Java Server Side Example and Python Server Side Example.

3. Select devices, do necessary advanced configurations and start the test.

Upload Test File for SSA

Appium Client-Side Execution

In addition to the greater availability of Appium Server-Side Execution, we also updated the way of how Appium Client-Side Execution works that there is no need to provide an exact device name to start your Appium test run.

Appium Broker now searches all the devices at Testdroid Cloud and picks one close available device that matches to the requested device. For example, by giving iPhone as testdroid_device capability name, Appium client will pick any of the available iPhone devices, regardless of iOS versions or iPhone models. That means your test could be executed against an iPhone 5S 8.2 or an iPhone 6S 9.1.

If you just want to make sure your test can be started on any device in the Android group, you can simply define give testdroid_device capability an android.

If you want to turn off this feature and run your test on the specific device, then giving FALSE value to testdroid_findDevice desired capability will do the trick. By default the value is TRUE.

desired_capabilities_cloud['testdroid_findDevice'] = FALSE

Happy testing with Appium in Testdroid Cloud