Automatic iOS Application Testing with Testdroid App Crawler – Available Now!

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Dear iOS Testdroiders,

During the iOS beta, we experienced how Testdroid can become the profound development and testing platform also for iOS app and game developers building their next-big-things. Many of you have adopted it as a testing solution for your iOS apps, and we’re constantly upgrading and bringing in new features for it.

One of the major missing item during the Beta was the capability to conduct quick smoke testing on all iOS devices. Now this has been added and a new, improved App Crawler for iOS has been launched as a part of Testdroid Cloud. If you are familiar with App Crawler on Android, this handy feature works identically on iOS.

What is Testdroid App Crawler?

One great thing in Testdroid Cloud is the App Crawler. If you are new to Testdroid App Crawler concept, here is the basic description of this feature: Testdroid App Crawler is an intelligent, embedded mechanism to instantly check application’s device compatibility. App Crawler analyzes the application, it is even able to log in with the username and password given by developer, clicks through the application’s view hierarchy, records the performance data as the crawler progresses through each view, and takes screenshots along the way. In minutes you will get all feedback how your app works on different iOS devices and how does it look. All screenshots will be shown to users within Screenshot section.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.46.07 PM

In a nutshell, App Crawler means that you don’t need to have tests to test your app. That’s a great way to check out quickly how app works and what sort of compatibility issues there might be for an app.

How to Start Using App Crawler for iOS?

Follow these steps and you’ll be up and running with App Crawler testing your app at no time:

1) If you don’t have an account in Testdroid Cloud, first create yourself one at The activation email is sent to your email account, please check that and activate your account by following instructions provided to you.

2) Log in, click Create project -> iOS UI Automation and select App Crawler for test type.

3) Follow the normal procedures – Upload your app, select devices and start your test!

In case you don’t have iOS access in Testdroid Cloud, please contact us at and our guys will be happy to get you up and running with iOS test automation!

Happy iOS Testing!

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