Bitbar exhibiting at Droidcon UK October 6-7th

Bitbar, the mobile devops company. Logo, large

Bitbar will be exhibiting their Testdroid solution at Droidcon UK, Europe’s largest conference that exclusively covers Android development and applications. This year, over 500 Android enthusiasts will rub shoulders with many of the world’s foremost Android experts to dig into every aspect of Android and its ever-growing ecosystem. The themes this time around are Android for Developers, in the Enterprise, Gaming, and Design.

On the exhibition area Bitbar team will be giving a live demo of Testdroid Recorder and Testdroid Server hooked to a cluster of Android devices. Please stop by to see our amazing automated testing solution in action. During the democamp Bitbar will give a sneak peek of the next generation of already popular Testdroid solution that will really benefit the whole Android developer community. Stay tuned!

About Droidcon UK

Droidcon is UK largest conference dedicated to Android development and applications, it’s a unique opportunity to meet the Android community, get hands on knowledge about Android development and see the latest in Android applications and technologies. The multi-track conference attracts the best speakers from the Android development community, on the latest topics, tablets, enterprise, design ADK. The barcamp is a unique opportunity to share and exchange experience with the 600 Android enthusiasts present at the event. The democamp is a privileged moment to see or show the latest in Android software and hardware applications. Early Bird pricing in effect until the beginning of September. Brought to you by WIP and Skills Matter. For more information and registration:

About Bitbar

Bitbar is the developer of Testdroid test automation solution for Android applications. With Testdroid any Android developer can automate their test creation and execution on multiple Android devices. Our solutions are ideal for development teams that want to deliver high quality software without the hassle of developing, building and maintaining own tools for Android testing. We are accelerating time to market and lowering costs of developing software on Android platform, be it on smartphones, tablet computers or TVs. Please visit for more information about Testdroid and Bitbar.