Bitbar integrates Android CTS with Hudson

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The Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) is an automated open-source testing harness for Android that you can adopt to your needs by selecting CTS plans relevant for your functionality. You could use the CTS to test your work during your development work using your desktop machine with attach mobile devices, but it is expensive for all developers to have that environment.

The CTS includes two major software components:

  • The CTS test harness that runs on your desktop or build/test machine and manages test execution.
  • Individual test cases that are executed on attached mobile devices or on an emulator.

The CTS is a standard test suite for Android and is based on Instrumentation testing, When you pass CTS you can use all Android Compatibility Program goodies and request access to Android Market.
Bitbar integrates Compatibility Test Suite with Hudson as a part of our Shaker offering and runs it as a part of Continuous Integration process so that Android CTS is run after every submission of code from every developer. Using Hudson developers can chose CTS plans, run it and then they can see trends of last builds’ tests and user friendly detailed test results.

Benefits of Shaker and CTS integration:

  • Provide a consistent application and hardware testing environment to all of developers, so they can not say „it works for me”, while it fails on production
  • increase tests’ efficiency by running them in the cloud
  • faster detection of software defects
  • more accurate testing by testing in the clone of the production environment for every developer
  • can check CTS report (wich is need to join Android Market) for every build performed for every single code submission
  • minimize costs and overhead associated with compatibility

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