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As a heads-up, we’re about to release a new version of Bitbar Public Cloud on the 19th of April around 10 am CET. The new awesome release is a major shift towards faster test execution, smoother and more efficient use of mobile devices from the cloud. The cloud and device capacity will also be significantly larger after this release.

Important! In addition to free device policy change, we’ll provide here some instructions on how to use RiC (Run-in-Cloud) and Java API Client after the release has been published. Keep reading!

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Important Change in Bitbar Testing API

In the coming new release of Bitbar Testing v2.38, we will make a migration related to storing files uploaded to projects/test runs. Until now, we have two tables in database for storing paths for files – one used for output files and input files for Manual Testing and the other one for storing files uploaded to projects/test runs. We have decided to unify those. The change will allow us to use any file uploaded to File Library (Manual Testing) in a whole product in the future. Due to clean architecture of the product and the KISS principle we had to change API responses for resources:



These will now return instance or list of instances of APIUserFile.class instead of instances of subclass of APIFiles.APIFile.class.

The main differences between these classes are field names:

  • originalName -> name
  • readableSize -> size (also changed from String to long)
  • uploadTime -> createTime

Due to the fact that Java is a strongly typed programming language, there will be problems with serialization. We have updated these changes to our Java client in Maven repository, the Jenkins Run in Cloud and the Gradle plugin. API client must be updated to the newest version in your project if you use it as dependancy. Also, if you use Run in Cloud Jenkins plugin, please update it to the latest version in your CI environment (current version is 1.0.17 and new that supports the change is 1.0.18).

Change in the Free Device Policy

The new Bitbar Public Cloud release will provide a 30-day free trial for its users. After this period of time, all devices are accessible only with a valid plan. During the evaluation period, free devices are usable according to our fair use policy and the system doesn’t limit the use of devices, sessions or test runs anyhow.

Existing users will get their 30-day trial starting right after the release. For users with any valid plan, this change will bring some cool and awesome speed improvements as free devices will be counted as normal device use and more instances of those will be available.

After the period of 30 days, all results and tests are accessible and users can view those, but starting a new test run will require a valid plan.

The great new things and advancements that come into play with the version 2.38 are as follows:

15% Faster Infrastructure
We’ve been focusing on building faster and yet more robust mobile testing environment for you. This will be a concrete with the new version 2.38 and you’ll surely notice the difference! The average improvement has been in tests around 15% so it will give a nice boost to use of Bitbar Public Cloud – whether you’re using test automation or remote manual testing.

Larger Cloud Capacity (10-15%)
In addition to speed and slickness, we’ll be expanding the cloud capacity around 10-15% and users with valid plans will get their tests starting sooner and infrastructure can deliver test runs results + assets much faster than before.

Enhancements in Test Automation Queuing
The queuing time for tests is going to be much shorter, thanks to added capacity and faster infrastructure use. Now, users can get their test automation scripts started faster and get their test results delivered earlier. In addition, some framework supports have been also optimized and updated to include the latest versions.

Login or sign up for Bitbar Public Cloud.

Using Run-in-Cloud plugin or Java API Client? Check this out!

If you are using Java API Client with your projects or alternatively Run-in-Cloud plugin (aka RiC), there will be a required update for your environment.

Basically, you have to update your Java API Client to the latest version to ensure everything will work normally after our 2.38 version has been published. We recommend you take an action here and update the API Client from here as soon as possible:

The Run-in-Cloud plugin has been updated and is available before the release of 2.38, but DO NOT UPDATE it before the cloud release next week!

And as always, we’re here to help you if you have any questions or if anything is unclear.

Happy Testing Folks!

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