Bitbar starts licensing sophisticated automated test solution for Android

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A great number of customers have shown interest in our build and test tools hosted from cloud. Especially companies from Android development community have contacted us, which indicates they are really actively seeking solutions to improve development process and productivity and especially quality of apps and services.

Like with many other new things, moving builds and tests to cloud is seen as a great idea, a way to save money and improve efficiency, but companies still have concerns integrating their development environment to cloud. Many times it is about policies, companies might have already invested in build servers and sometimes the build & test times are not seen as waste.

And hey, we listened to our customers and wanted to help them to improve their development efficiency and so we decided to start licensing out our solution for Android developers. We named it Testdroid, and picked the logo from crash test dummies, which nicely indicates what Testdroid is about. Testdroid has two parts that complement each other. Customers can easily generate test cases for their apps from Eclipse IDE with Testdroid Recorder, which outputs standard Robotium Java-code, and then execute the tests simultaneously on any number of Android devices with Testdroid Server.

These two products can also be used independently, but together they make the solution really powerful shaving up to 90% of customers’ testing times. Customers can really concentrate on developing apps and services instead of using resources to manually test them. Test cases recorded with Testdroid Recorder can be set-up to be executed on Testdroid Server continuously, after each commit/change to application, or to back-end. And if the customer is not using continuous integration process, it is not a problem, we built the server so that the test execution can be triggered by virtually any method you wish! Testdroid Server can also be set-up to run any other test harnesses (for example Android CTS), making it very powerful tool for companies that do not test just UIs, but have solutions for example in the middleware or even lower levels of Android stack.
Currently Testdroid Recorder is available for free 14 day trial from our website and Testdroid Server is being piloted with selected customers. If you wish contact us about trials or something else, drop us a line at sales at