Bitbar supports Open Cloud Manifesto

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Ability to move data and applications from one cloud vendor to another, interoperability and consistent ways to meter and monitor performance and usage are essential in bringing the true value of pervasive, on-demand computing for our customers

Helsinki , Finland July 06, 2010. Bitbar, the pioneer in automated software build and test solutions, supports Open Cloud Manifesto (, an initiative supported by 370 leading technology organizations so far.

The manifesto says:
1. Cloud providers must work together to ensure that the challenges to cloud adoption (security, integration, portability, interoperability, governance/management, metering/monitoring) are addressed through open collaboration and the appropriate use of standards.
2. Cloud providers must not use their market position to lock customers into their particular platforms and limit their choice of providers.
3. Cloud providers must use and adopt existing standards wherever appropriate. The IT industry has invested heavily in existing standards and standards organizations; there is no need to duplicate or reinvent them
4. When new standards (or adjustments to existing standards) are needed, we must be judicious and pragmatic to avoid creating too many standards. We must ensure that standards promote innovation and do not inhibit it.
5. Any community effort around the open cloud should be driven by customer needs, not merely the technical needs of cloud providers, and should be tested or verified against real customer requirements.
6. Cloud computing standards organizations, advocacy groups, and communities should work together and stay coordinated, making sure that efforts do not conflict or overlap
“We offer remarkable productivity improvement for our customers based on scalable, powerful computing in cloud. Choice, flexibility, speed, agility and security are the most important promises we make to our customers says Marko Kaasila, CEO of Bitbar. “This manifesto addresses those promises and makes sure our customers can enjoy the benefits of the cloud with piece of mind”.

About Bitbar
Bitbar is a technology and services company enabling software development teams to accelerate their product development, improve quality and lower fixed costs in their development by providing cloud based continuous integration and validation environment on subscription basis.