Bitbar Testing Simplifies Deployment of Mobile Test Automation with Offering on AWS Marketplace

Bitbar Testing Cloud Available on AWS Marketplace

We are excited to announce that Bitbar Testing Cloud, the most scalable mobile app testing solution, is now available on Amazon Web Service (AWS) Marketplace. The simplified, automated and accelerated purchasing process for Bitbar Testing on AWS Marketplace enables faster time-to-value services for mobile Dev & Test teams to automate mobile tests at scale and accelerate the delivery of high-quality mobile apps to end users.

How AWS Marketplace Works

AWS Marketplace is an online software store, well known for its capability and easiness to discover, buy and instantly get started with the software and services companies need. This means that you can get started with mobile test automation across hundreds of real devices on Bitbar Testing with no concerns on the billing. The invoice will be billed to your AWS account, rather than billed by us, keeping the purchasing process nice and simple.

Bitbar Cloud listed on AWS Marketplace

Why Use Bitbar Testing through AWS Marketplace

Simplified procurement process

If you are working at a Global 2000 company, you’ve probably been fed up with the long process to get approval for paid services or software. Now with the availability of Bitbar Testing on AWS Marketplace, it’s just one-click to quickly launch Bitbar Testing and pay only for what you use. No legal department or purchasing department involved anymore.

Happy and easy accounting

Billing through your AWS account for test runs at Bitbar Testing allows your organization to reuse AWS procurement terms, consolidating the billing process for all AWS services, SaaS subscriptions, and software purchased through the Marketplace. Your Financial department will certainly appreciate you for reducing the amount of work.

Shortest time to automate everything at scale

No software installs, no lengthy configurations, and no custom hardware needed. As long as there are AWS credits left on your corporate AWS account, It takes only minutes to parallelize your mobile tests across hundreds of real devices in the cloud.

Improve Mobile DevOps Process by Billing Through AWS Marketplace

As organizations accelerate their investments in the cloud, they need to have a better way to handle an increasingly complex mixture of tools and services. When it comes to implementing mobile DevOps processes, getting tools and technologies integrated and breaking silos between teams including procurement department is rather critical to achieving the goal. Bitbar Testing is the best mobile test automation technology that turns chaos into order, enabling mobile teams to build, test and deploy mobile apps on a frequent basis.

To large organizations, the availability of Bitbar Testing on AWS Marketplace greatly accelerates the process to build a cohesive app delivery pipeline and scale continuous delivery. By getting on board with Bitbar Testing via AWS Marketplace, mobile teams are able to avoid long internal liaison between various departments for purchasing approval. This allows them to instantly scale local tests across hundreds of real devices hosted in a cloud-based device farm and integrate their existing tools, like build system, crash reporting and issue ticketing with Bitbar Testing for shorter feedback loops and faster issue resolutions.

With the streamlined deployment of Bitbar Testing via AWS Marketplace, it ensures faster time-to-value for any mobile team and a high-velocity mobile delivery pipeline. Check out how to get started and subscribe to our service via AWS Marketplace!


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