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In an IT context, 24/7 support is critical. From the very beginning, we have made customer service our number one priority and not surprisingly one of the most appreciated features of Bitbar is our 24-hour e-mail support that is available at As all online services have email support, you might ask what really makes Bitbar support so different? A couple of things really:

24/7 automated testing support Bitbar

Our 24-hour support really means 24 hours

Because our customer base is spread from the Far East to the Middle East to America, there is always someone running tests and we have to have people literally sitting next to our device racks monitoring the test queues and the support requests so that when a customer contacts us over e-mail they can take a look on the devices what is going on and to see where the issues are and what exactly is happening on the device during the test. Sometimes these same people contact our users proactively when they see a clear problem like an APK not installing on any device etc.

Our support guys know their stuff

As these people are also operating Bitbar Device Cloud (in 3 shifts) they are very knowledgeable on mobile app testing. They see hundreds of tests every day so if you have a question or a problem, they have most likely seen it before and are able to help you right away. They also know how to read sometimes cryptic error messages and have access to the back-end that monitors every possible aspect of each device from battery level to network throughput to free space on SD-card. This gives them superhero-like powers to cut through the noise and pinpoint exactly where the issues are 🙂

We care

Our support guys take pride in solving difficult technical issues in minutes and informing users about possible problems in their app or test scripts before they even ask. Sometimes our customers are really amazed on the fast turnaround of their support request and that is because there is always someone who has been watching how your tests are executed and when your question or support request hits our ticketing system, they have already been on the case for a while. Because they care they are happy to go out of their way to provide photos, videos and sometimes even do some manual test sequences to get to the root of the issue why two devices behave so differently from each other without no apparent reason.

All this sets apart the experience with Bitbar and by running your tests on our platform, you don’t just have to rely on the logs, screenshots and CPU & memory profile graphics that the service provides but you can reach out to a real human being who is happy to help you out – in 28 minutes on average 😉

Jouko Kaasila

Bitbar COO & Co-founder