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Getting great apps on the market as early as possible is the key to business success. But the fact is that there are so many things needed to be done by mobile developers in this process. Bitbar Cloud is an all-in-one mobile DevOps platform that aims at easing the daily work of all mobile app developers with unique flavours in DevOps tools and services. And we want to make building and testing applications easier.

The DevOps movement says “shift left” which really means test early and test often. This is great but it puts a lot of responsibilities for testers and DevOps teams. For many mobile application teams, they might just have not enough resources to have a dedicated mobile app test engineer (or it is hard to find any) that would write all the required automated tests. Even larger organizations want their testing teams to spend more time creating automated tests for the planned and must-work user scenarios. But can any team really afford the time to do exploratory testing manually for each new release or build? If no, how should you still handle the need for ‘shift left’ or ‘test early and test often’?

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Today’s mobile teams have a great selection of mobile application testing frameworks to help create functional test cases, but what we are missing are tools making the creation of test suites easier and faster. We need solutions that will know how to execute smart tests on mobile applications against real devices with no need to manually show how and maintain the once created tests. We all still remember those record and replay tools for testing from some decades ago…

Luckily there is a new computer science field that is addressing exactly this problem. Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are what many predict the solvers of this problem. There are two ways to tackle this, either you create your own specific AI that will know how to test your application in the best possible way or, you take an existing AI general solution that will do advanced exploratory testing on all kinds of applications, including mobile games.

We have decided to follow the second approach as we have thousands of different applications being tested in our device cloud regularly. Creating a good general AI-powered testing method allows us to provide a solution that helps most of our customers to ease the smoke testing of their applications. This exploratory testing will uncover any random misbehaviour without any of your engineering time.

We are thrilled to roll out Bitbar’s AI Testbot, our AI-powered test automation solution within our mobile device cloud to help you automate app testing easier, faster and smarter. It will be available later week or early next week to all of our paying users including Bitbar Enterprise customers with any type of environments and installations. It is first available for Android devices (Android OS 5.0 and above) and later for iOS devices. (For information about getting access to trying out this new functionality, please get in touch with our sales at sales (at) bitbar (dot) com).

Below is a short video recording of one sample AI Testbot tests. In the next blog (coming soon), we’ll provide more details on this new feature on Bitbar Device Cloud and how it compares to its counterpart AppCrawler.

For technical questions and feasibility questions, please get in touch with me at niko (dot) cankar (at) bitbar (dot) com.

Niko Cankar

Bitbar Product Owner