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Updates to the BitBar Mobile App Testing Dashboard

Testing is all about trying different things, recording the results of these attempts, and iterating on the conclusions of those trials. The same idea applies to mobile app testing on real devices. Mobile app testers can run dozens, or even hundreds of automated tests each week.  In order to iterate on each of these tests and […]

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Ensuring Mobile Excellence with SmartBear Recap

Digital transformation has been embraced by most organizations.  More than ever, people turn to mobile devices to stay connected with the world and each other, and that includes engaging with businesses.  With this expansion of users on all devices and platform, businesses are striving for digital excellence while they manage transformation and product roll out.  According to Hackermoon, internet usage has increased by as much as 70% as […]

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How to Go from Manual to Automated Mobile Tests

Automation …sounds like it would be easy to do and get started.  As live or manual testers realize that automation can help them, the reality is that automation is not as easy as it could be.  This blog will help you justify the value of investing your time and energy automating your manual tests and a small recommended action plan to get started.  Value […]

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