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What It Takes to Deliver and Deploy Mobile Test Automation

Developing, delivering and deploying mobile test automation is an ever-going hurdle. However, we’ve learnt a lot while building on-premise setups what must go in to the product that runs, manages and controls all of this. And as we are not only building one product, but instead three that can be deployed from the same code […]

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Customer Success – How to Make One Size to Fit All?

Somebody might say it’s not possible, but of course it is. It’s all about the stretch! Problems and the solutions are unique that’s the fact. The catch is we just need to find the right places where we need to stretch Bitbar Testing to match your unique use cases. There’s no one tool to address […]

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What Makes Customer Success to Tick More than Traditional Support

Although Customer Success Management is a relatively new term used within software business, its concept is rather simple. Comparing to traditional ‘support’ customer success management is way much more than that. Our core mission is to create more value for our customers and make our internal process yet better for the future engagements and be one part of building-machine for […]

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