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Selenium 4 – What’s Promised in the Alpha Version?

Selenium is certainly one of the most popular open-source automation tools available. In late 2018 Selenium 4 was officially announced with new features it will bring to the table for us in the field of Selenium automation testing. So there are exciting changes just around the corner. But as of right now Selenium 4 is […]

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Getting Started with Selenium Automation Testing

Now that you’ve got a sense of what Selenium framework is and why you need it. We’ll naturally start with the basic things to help you set up Selenium testing environment and get started with the framework. Depending on which programming language you are using, we’ve provided everything here, step-by-step, for those 4 main languages. […]

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What Is And Why Do We Need Selenium Framework?

As one of the most widely used test automation frameworks in the world, Selenium is definitely a popular test framework suite for automating web browser testing. Today we are opening a new blog series circling around the topic of the Selenium framework and browser testing. What is Selenium Framework? So, what actually is the Selenium […]

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