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Mobile gaming (and game development) is booming, and that’s awesome! We’ve seen here at Bitbar some best practices when it comes to mobile game testing and how certain Android and iOS games have been developed from scratch, tested, published, and how those games have quickly become highly popular among gamers. Nothing beats that feeling when you see all that happening, the process that eventually makes that game robust, bullet-proof and fantastic performing.

Best Practices in Mobile Game Testing

We’ve been asked to share our insight and knowledge of those best practices when it comes to mobile game testing. As this is typically very different compared to app testing, we’ve decided to dedicate a blog series for this. As every blog will come out weekly, meanwhile, there is plenty of awesome blog series to read to tune in yourself to learn the best practices in mobile testing.

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In the following five weeks, we’ll be covering all the most important aspects in mobile game testing and focus on best practices, tips&tricks in depth that will help you to make the best out of your game testing effort. Join us each Wednesday and learn more about these topics:

  1. Why Testing Mobile Game is Important and How is it Different from App Testing
  2. UI & Functionality Based Testing  – What Will Image Recognition Bring Into That
  3. How to Test Graphics, Performance and User Experience with 
  4. Multiuser/Connectivity/Cross-Platform – How to Test All These 
  5. Testing for REAL performance, REAL battery life and REAL user experience

As always, your feedback is very important and we’re looking forward to hearing from you! All comments about our blogs, ideas for things to cover in future blogs, etc.

Ville-Veikko Helppi

Mobile Testing Product Expert