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Live View: Real-Time Insights into Your Test Execution

What Is Live View? The Live View feature gives a visual video stream to the ongoing execution of a test run in the cloud. While running an automated test on a local device, it is possible to check the device to see what is happening. For devices running in the cloud, the live video stream […]

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Multi-Factor Authentication: Enhanced Security for Cloud Testing

As more and more organizations are moving from their internally hosted systems to leverage cloud-based SaaS offerings, information security is becoming more important. We at Bitbar are investing heavily to support the governance and security requirements of a modern development organization, and as part of this focus we are introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for highly secured […]

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Remote USB: Full Device Control at Your Fingertips

What is Remote USB? Remote USB access is a solution allowing customers to make a USB connection to Bitbar Device Cloud. The remote device becomes visible on your computer, just as if it’d be directly connected to your machine’s USB. Why we created it? Making a remote USB connection allows developers and testers to debug […]

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