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Over a year back, we rebranded Testdroid and introduced Bitbar Cloud (, transforming from a mobile test automation solution to a unified mobile DevOps platform and making Testdroid step back as a critical technology and driver of continuous testing for our customers.

Today, we are excited to announce that our cloud portal is now accessible with a new domain All the products, services, etc that you are using every day will stay as they are with no changes.

Our goal is to provide a mobile DevOps platform that is built on world-class open technologies with multiple deployment options, eases the lives of agile teams with advanced automation and unlimited scalability, and provides visibility into the performance of the whole development pipeline.

What does it mean to you?

  • You’re suggested to use the new domain to access our cloud portal.
  • We also suggest that you start using for API calls,
    for example: To Get Details of Certain Device Run, use
  • We will discontinue the service of for public users on Monday, April 16th. You are suggested to bookmark the new domain and use it from now on.

Note: Bitbar Enterprise customers (Private Cloud and On-Premise) will still be able to access the service with your dedicated domain and instance. You will be followed up by our Customer Success Manager for any updates or next steps.

Bitbar Cloud is designed for your mobile delivery pipeline

On top of Bitbar Testing, the best mobile device testing solution, Bitbar Cloud empowers Dev teams and Ops teams with the Build service and the Monitoring service and lets Team Leaders oversee the efficiency of their delivery pipeline.

Mobile DevOps Loop Bitbar Cloud

Bitbar Monitoring powers agile Operations teams with the synthetic monitoring service to help companies understand the health and performance of their mobile apps under various mobile network connections across different global datacenters, helping Ops teams to instantly forward any feedback to developers for troubleshooting and resolving bottlenecks.

Bitbar Build is at the core of improving Enterprise customers’ build workflow and providing early access to new tools with no risk of breaking the working environments or sabotaging the goal of continuous deployment and delivery.   

By relying on a unified platform, release management teams are clear with the current status of the new changes and products and managers have better visibility into the performance of each DevOps team and where the improvements are needed in the pipeline.

Bitbar Cloud gives you the agility you want

  • Built on an open-source foundation: Bitbar Cloud supports all of the popular open mobile test frameworks, Appium, Calabash, XCUITest, Espresso, to name a few and connects to your Jenkins for agile CI testing.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations: Strengthen team collaboration and communication by integrating with ChatOps tools including Slack and HipChat and keep track of issues with JIRA, PagerDuty.
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure: With the support for Docker images and containers, customers can bring their own tools and frameworks to Bitbar Cloud and integrate with custom services with API to optimize DevOps toolchains.

Sign up today to leverage the power of Bitbar Cloud to keep track of your constant changes and mobile deliveries, ensuring faster iteration and innovation for new user experience with confidence.

Lingkai Shao

Marketing Manager