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SAN JOSE, CA – March 19th, 2018 – Bitbar Inc., a leading provider of mobile DevOps platform, today announced Bitbar Build, a continuous mobile build service that supports massive scalability with high level of security for enterprises, enabling large mobile teams to accelerate mobile software lifecycle by automating the process of build, test, deploy and monitor.

Until now, most enterprises host and manage their own build environments for the sake of source code security, but over time the homegrown approach becomes counterproductive for large teams in pursuit of agile CI/CD practice and instant scalability to meet the needs of developing new projects, testing out new tools and onboarding new development teams.

With dedicated real infrastructure and scalability, Bitbar Build is the ideal cloud-based automated build solution for enterprises looking to unlock the collaborative workflows for growing teams, continuously create executable mobile builds at the similar speed as if on local build agents without sharing Git credentials, and accelerate CI/CD process within one DevOps platform.

“Speed is the key to business success in today’s mobile-dominant world. We believe that every organization strives to deliver added value to customers in the shortest manner,” said Jouko Kaasila, Co-Founder and COO of Bitbar. “We are excited to introduce Bitbar Build to our mobile DevOps platform, Bitbar Cloud. With the addition, Bitbar Cloud is now at the core of bringing all the needed services on a mobile delivery pipeline – build, test, deploy and monitor – together into one place, helping teams stay continuous in every phase of the mobile development cycle. Teams that have great visibility into the whole development pipeline can also quickly spot and fix the bottlenecks to scale the deliverables.”

Bitbar Build was created from the ground up to help enterprises move fast in mobile development by providing speed, security, scalability and customization.


With real build servers and infrastructure, Bitbar Build brings you mobile builds as fast as building locally and 4 times faster than builds with VMs.


Unlike many other solutions, customers do not need to share Git credentials with Bitbar Build. Service is hosted on private infrastructure and network and maintained by Bitbar’s professional team with enterprise-grade security.


We maintain the pre-configured and -defined build environments and deliver the exact same setup across your team either from scratch or incrementally, helping you run tens or hundreds of builds in parallel.


Bitbar Build removes all the frictions of environments with various purposes by supporting any customer-specific build environments and allows enterprises to get early access to upcoming versions of development tools and launch app updates and beta releases in parallel.

Bitbar Build supports e.g. Android native, iOS native and Cordova build environments. It is now available only as an add-on service to Bitbar Enterprise solutions (either Bitbar Private Cloud or Bitbar On-Premise).

About Bitbar

Bitbar, the Mobile DevOps company, specializes in automation of continuous mobile software delivery for modern businesses. Bitbar Cloud enables organizations of all sizes – including Google, PayPal, Microsoft, BBVA, DIA, Deutsche Telekom – to adopt DevOps practices in their mobile development and gain success by achieving automation in every phase of their build-test-deploy-monitor process. Companies use our solutions to optimize their CI/CD workflows, build high-performing agile teams, and accelerate mobile software development lifecycle for faster innovation and value delivery. Learn more about Bitbar Cloud at

Lingkai Shao

Marketing Manager