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This is the final blog post of the Holiday Readiness blog series and it will recap the best learnings from all previous blog posts from this series and provides you a great encompassing checklist to measure your holiday readiness.

The mobile app and website readiness may sound obvious enough, but there are things that even the best of retailers overlook. As listed in the past blogs, functionality, robustness and performance are all critical elements when it comes to providing and forming the best user experience for online shopping and engagement.

Nice UX design is great – but it’s nothing if your channels’ functionality or performance fails. That means instantly lost revenue. And even seconds count. So here’s the holiday readiness checklist? Let’s get started:


1. Choose the Right Target Device Set

One of the most important things for retailers is to understand that their customers use a wide variety of different mobile devices and even desktop browsers are very different and can present the service in many different ways.

For example, tablets vs phones vs desktop browsers have different hardware and software, different operating systems (and versions), and a few dozens of different parameters that make the service and purchasing experience look different. The only way to ensure everything is right is to test on all of these variants.

2. Robust Test Scripts to Cover All Key Use Cases

Testing can be a complex process if you have to quickly revamp those skills internally and building robust and reusable test automation that eventually makes sure that all critical use cases are covered in these critical revenue points is the foundation for all preparation efforts. Functionality and compatibility are the top things to pay attention to.

3. App Performance Stats across Target Device Set

Good performance – in terms of fast performance and robustness – will build great user experience and enables you to build that across different channels. When developing a mobile app or web site for your business, you’ll need to determine whether a responsive design is necessary, or if strictly a mobile template will suffice.

In every scenario always have data to drive your decision and target your most strategically significant markets, those which will truly appreciate the effort put into a unified experience.

4. Performance Tests & Synthetic Load against Production Backend Servers

Naturally, it’s not only about the mobile app or website implementation, but it’s about the end-to-end performance of the whole implementation. This may include complex back-end servers or other complementary connection points that provide information to consumers surfing and browsing on through your app/web.

Make sure your performance tests reveal the actual bottlenecks in the real performance and this can be most reliably achieved when you use as authentic environments for testing as possible. Real devices, real browsers, real back-ends – all that your customers will use as well.

5. End-to-End Synthetic Monitoring Using Real Devices on Real Networks

The use of real mobile devices is a must. Without real devices, you’ll be fooled with all kinds of details, get wrong information about end-to-end functionality and your monitoring effort is vain. Furthermore, the use of real networks is encouraged as otherwise, it will be difficult to track all root causes of failure.

6. Right Resources with Right Skills in Place Before the Crunch Time

Probably the best recommendation ever: Use the best in the industry. They know what to do, how to efficiently test and reveal all those problems that might compromise the revenue generation during the most important business days in the whole year – the holiday peak days. We have provided expertise through our service offerings for a variety of demanding customers building their mobile apps and web presence for the business.

Again, when it comes to performance and efficiency of your product development, agility and instant feedback is key to success. Highly efficient development time testing and QA for your games, native apps or mobile web apps reduces your development time significantly and allows you to ship your software faster. You need simple solutions that work – instantly and continuously – whenever new features are developed.

Holiday Season Readiness Checklist

Download your own copy of The Ultimate Season’s Readiness Checklist – and keep your mobile and website robust and ready for revenue generation!

Jouko Kaasila

Bitbar COO & Co-founder