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Although Customer Success Management is a relatively new term used within software business, its concept is rather simple. Comparing to traditional ‘support’ customer success management is way much more than that. Our core mission is to create more value for our customers and make our internal process yet better for the future engagements and be one part of building-machine for better customer experience. We code, we advise, we fire-fight, we make things flow smoother for all counterparts – and while doing it we gather data from every interaction to enable a more proactive approach for the next confrontations.

Here is a bit more about our process and what is the secret sauce for our superior customer success.


What Does Customer Success and How We Approach This Function

The operational role of our customer success management includes participation in the creation of all Bitbar products and the creation of a unique customer experience path for all of them – before those products get used by our customers. It requires daily work with engineering, sales, marketing and other core operational counterparts here at Bitbar.

Before customers use our products, we work with marketing and sales to help them to find the right kinds of personas (leads) that can become first-tier users of our products. Through on-boarding and training, our customer success team ensures that all customers are fully engaged with our products and are getting the value that they expect to achieve their goals. At every point, our team collects, analyzes and then uses data to make the customers’ experience more seamless, and consistently whole.

The picture below illustrates an overview of three typical steps of creating value with customer success operation:


The services rendered by the customer success team vary from helping with the basic setup to an entire full-blown deployment of products, devices, and entire lab. Furthermore, installation, training, support, monthly status calls, feature requests and updates on our roadmaps and release schedules are typical engagement with many of our customers. We also manage requirements, delivery, infrastructural updates, as well as hosting your informative webinars when new features and versions are available.

Our ‘support’ has been praised being extremely proactive, available (at least) 24 hours per every business day, so let’s take a deeper look of what items and topics are involved when we approach the success management.

The Ingredients for Superior Customer Success

We as the Bitbar Customer Success Team have a simple and a pleasant task to make sure we’re keeping the promise of providing you with the world-class mobile testing service. Bitbar as any well-performing service is similar to a smoothly running engine. First you design, then you start it up and run it. Finally you replace some parts of it if not all one by one without shutting it down first.

This is not true with engines, but it’s expected from a software service (SaaS, Software as a Service). In the upcoming Customer Success blog series we share you the secrets of building and running the Bitbar engine. In the end it’s a synergy of lean principles and IT service management.

Here’s a brief summary of the most interesting topics as we see them:

  • Plan the solution with the customer to fit the purpose by understanding the problem to solve
  • Execute the project to ramp up the service
  • Run the operations, secure the availability
  • Automate as much as possible to gain the speed and to be prepared to the worst-case scenario
  • Adjust the solution by listening to the customer
  • Continuous learning

We have well-defined processes in place for the complete life cycle of the service; plan, start, use and manage the changes. The plans, processes and the best practices are very important in our way of success.

However, there’s an old rule about the plans and the real life: If the plan doesn’t match with the reality, it’s the reality you must obey. This makes the dedicated professional executing the plan the most important piece of the puzzle. She’ll take the last mile with you in order to make the difference. Dedicated individuals in different teams are working seamlessly together to build Bitbar customer experience. We believe in openness, knowledge sharing and continuous improvement will help us to perform even better in future – and this blog series is one tangible example of that openness.

During this spring, I’ll be deep-diving more into these details, opening our internal processes of how we enable instant service to our customers, how we concretely add more value to our customers, and how we maintain and develop our internal skills and know-how to enable better customer experiences.

Happy Testing!


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