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Mobile shopping is booming year over year. According to Adobe’s forecast, it’s predicted to see more traffic from smartphones and tablets than from desktops for the first time in this holiday shopping season. Similarly, one study from YouAppi found that 85% of shoppers will use a mobile app for holiday shopping in 2017. It’s clear that mobile has become a key touchpoint in today’s customer journey.

Despite seeing the importance of mobile, the majority of retailers are still facing challenges to reap the solid returns from mobile channels in the coming holiday shopping season.

Mobile Usage for 2018 Holiday Shopping

#1 Time-to-Market

Throughout the whole holiday shopping season, retailers are be set to deliver specific holiday incentives, in-app holiday themes and new features for each holiday before it starts. This actually brings challenges to mobile teams, as it requires rapid and relentless product releases without compromising on user experience and app quality.

Challenges for Holiday Mobile Activities

The need for fast time-to-market calls for an increased level of test automation. Manual testing is not an ideal way to meet tight schedules as repeating tests manually takes up a great deal of time and resources. Conversely, test automation reduces the time required to run repetitive tests from days to hours and enables teams to shorten the delivery cycles.

How we can help:

Bitbar Testing with its test automation technology enables retailers to verify each app build instantly thanks to its ultimate scalability and fast test execution, helping teams achieve instant developer feedback so that retailers are always ready to ship a new app version without any flaws.

#2 Device Matrix and Coverage

Consumers today expect to shop anytime, anywhere on any devices. With different combinations of HW and SW, mobile device matrix is getting larger and the device fragmentation is growing at a fast speed. It is always recommended to check out the trending and most popular devices across the major markets globally and cover your tests against these devices.

Mobile device testing is not anymore a practice that can be manually done but needs to be automated. With test automation and reliable test cases, you can launch test sessions across all of the connected devices at the same time, which would significantly increase the test efficiency. Automation helps you assure the compatibility with devices all the time and get the new release out of the door to your target consumers and markets whenever it’s ready.

How we can help:

At Bitbar, we provide a scalable mobile device cloud hosting hundreds of unique Android and iOS device models covering multiple markets, including North America, Europe, and Asia. With our advanced technology, developers can launch automated tests across all of the devices without restrictions on device concurrency, maximizing the device coverage at the highest speed.

Knowing that many retailers are under the transformation to DevOps practices, we also have the capability of hosting Dedicated Devices for retailers to perform frequent CI testing, which should be an integral part of DevOps.

#3 Functionality and Integrations

As for what makes holiday shopping easier, 45% of shoppers voted for ‘a working app without bugs’ and 36% of shoppers chose ‘better user flows’. This simply translates into quality. The key user flows and the critical integrations that are fundamental to your conversion funnel require continuous testing and should be tested extensively to stay bug-free.

Make Holiday Shopping Easier

The beauty of test automation is that it removes the efforts for repetitive test cases like registration, login, and navigation as they don’t drastically change. Once created, the automated tests can be reusable at no extra QA cost and sharable across the whole team for valuable cost savings and efficient deployment for retailers.

How we can help:

Working with constrained resources and time to get the mobile readiness for this holiday shopping season? Bitbar Professional Services team is at the heart of helping you get started with test automation as soon as possible, leading you to meet the app delivery cadence and scale your retail business with mobile success.

#4 Performance & User Experience

With 35% of shoppers voting for app speed, you can imagine that every second of slowness would cost retailers a great fortune. App installation time, launch time, page load time and content load time are all basic performance metrics that need to be constantly measured, as user experience can be a single factor that differentiates your brand from the crowd.

Preparing to Support Mobile Strategy

Now scaling the infrastructure is one of the pillars to prepare for the increased traffic, retailers would also need to exercise load testing to ensure their mobile channels are capable of receiving tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visits and passing every single transaction throughout the peak time of the year.

How we can help:

Our partnership with Neotys, the maker of Neoload, helps companies like retailers to tackle the challenges in app performance testing and user experience measurement with less time and efforts.

With the joint force, Neoload’s technology allows you to perform automated performance and load testing on your mobile sites and mobile apps. While the load tests are under execution, your mobile app user experience will be also validated through multiple real devices hosted by Bitbar Cloud at the same time.


Mobile is nowadays important in retailers’ omnichannel strategy. To accelerate the delivery process of high-quality apps and ensure each component in a digitally mature ecosystem delivers optimum performance, enhanced levels of mobile test automation is absolutely mandatory.

We at Bitbar Cloud together with Neotys have the mission to help retailers deliver an excellent user experience to their consumers and have the confidence to capitalize on the peak shopping seasons.

Sign up for a free trial today and leverage our test automation technology.

Lingkai Shao

Marketing Manager