Case Study: Testdroid for Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking and the usage of mobile to carry out financial transactions have become prominent around the world. With the proliferation of mobile devices globally, millions prefer to have financial data available at their fingertips using their mobile phones and smartphones. Banks and financial services firms are faced with different challenges to address this new user driven trend of mobility and how to capitalize on it. So what are the top priorities for banking application developers?

In our findings with working banking app providers the most important things to test before publishing the app are as follows:

– Secure integration and testing with existing backend systems
– Quality testing, robust behavior on variety of Android and iOS devices
– Security and vulnerability testing
– Automation of mobile testing to monitor the ongoing release cycle
– Compliances and verification for financial services on real devices



OP-Pohjola is a Finnish financial services group whose mission is to promote the sustainable prosperity, security and well-being of its customers. OP-Pohjola provides its corporate and institutional customers with a diverse range of banking, non-life insurance and asset management services, and private individuals with an extensive range of non-life insurance and private banking services.

OP-mobile is an easy, safe and reliable mobile application that can take care of the banking and insurance transactions for consumers.

Some years ago, OP-Pohjola started to build up their own core competence around mobile services tailored for their customers. As one of the results of this initiative, OP-mobile application was created and introduced to consumers. The OP-mobile application offers smooth banking services (e.g. viewing accounts, doing payments) and insurance (e.g. managing insurances, claims and so on) for its users. Needless to say, but any application dealing with this level of sensitive information, such as personal details and bank account details, must meet all the criteria of robustness and security.

One of the major challenges we faced was the integration of source code for multiple releases during parallel development.The task to build and test the multiple versions of source code can quickly eat out the quality and limit the efficiency of the development/QA team. We were in need for a solution that integrates us tightly with some agile tools we were using, plus enabling us an in-house testing environment

Jukka Parkkinen,Vice President of OP-Pohjola Services Oy

Because of this, the development team started to look for a testing solution which would enable them to ensure that each build works across a wide variety of devices and provides them the most seamless path to continuous integration. As the company can only release safety and mission-critical application, the need for testing became even more crucial.

The company turned to Bitbar for its Testdroid Enterprise that was identified as the most comprehensive solution to enable OP-Pohjola to build a private cloud for automated Android and iOS testing. This solution provided a flexible and seamless integration with agile process with the help of continuous integration to test every change in OPmobile application and run those on real devices. One the most compelling feature in Testdroid Enterprise for OPPohjola was the complete automation of tests and running of those simultaneously on hundreds of different Android and iOS devices. With other comparable products from the industry’s mobile testing solution this is still not possible.

We went through dozen of automated testing solutions in this domain, but only Testdroid could enable us to run automated tests simultaneously on array of devices. In fact, many other testing solutions lack on parallel execution, meaning that you only rent a device for certain period of time and then testing still requires manual input. That simply wasn’t enough for our needs, but Testdroid Enterprise offered a perfect solution for OP-Pohjola.

Jukka Parkkinen,Vice President of OP-Pohjola Services Oy

Application security is naturally one of the most important aspects, when selecting automated testing tools. When Testdroid is taken in use at the earliest stage, it can further enhance the development and testing process and limit the manual intervention, which eventually leads to better quality, faster time-to-market and mitigated risks. And these are real requirements that bank application users demand today.