Change in Testdroid Cloud Free Device Policy

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Dear Testdroiders,

As of today, the new policy of our free devices available for trial use in Testdroid Cloud will take effective. We’ve had a variety of different Intel Atom powered devices available for free of charge at Testdroid Cloud – for a trial use. And today we’re happy to inform you that we have added few more free devices and set those as a default device group.


Free Android Devices

The change in our free devices policy will have an impact mostly on Android devices. We have enabled three new devices – for free of charge – and those are NVIDIA Shield Tablet (with Android 5.0.1, API level 21), Samsung Galaxy Nexus GT-i9250 (with Android 4.2.2, API level 17), and Samsung Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 (with Android 4.3, API level 18). These three devices are now in a default device group for free trial / free run execution.

Free Android Devices

In addition, we’re still providing Intel Atom powered devices for free and those can be found in a new free device group – “Free Intel Android Devices“. The device group contains the following devices:

Free Intel Devices

Furthermore, if you look at some tips and tricks with how to get started with test automation on these (or any) devices at Testdroid Cloud, check this out.

Free iOS Devices

For free trial with iOS devices, we’re hosting the following devices:

Free iOS Devices

Start testing with free devices now!