ChatOps is the new DevOps: Bitbar <3 HipChat & Slack

ChatOps is the new DevOps

Have you ever heard term – “Slack is the new email”??

When we talk about DevOps with our customers, terms like “automation”, “speed”, “collaboration” and “tools” always dominate the discussion. Mobile teams want to “move fast and break things.”

DevOps is simply a practice embracing a high degree of automation to continuously build, test and deploy software to production and monitor the production. Naturally a big part of the automation happens under the hood and at very high pace, so collaboration and communication of real-time events become very important part of the practice. Modern teams need a way to communicate and collaborate better, cheaper and faster.

The Real Scope of Mobile DevOps

So to a not-so-big surprise a new term ChatOps was coined. Think real-time collaborative group chat powered by bots that share information, plus integrated notifications from other tools. ChatOps, a term widely credited to GitHub, is all about conversation-driven development. Good read: We have made available the integration of HipChat on Bitbar Testing, together with Slack integration

Bitbar, mobile devops company

As part of the delivery pipeline for the fastest moving mobile teams in Global 2000 companies, we at Bitbar focus on the speed and scalability of DevOps practices. For our customers, 2 to 5 device concurrency is not an option, not even tens of devices. The bottom line is 100s devices concurrencies, tens of thousands of test runs per day and continuous flow of data and information back to developers in the feedback loop.

We are talking about delivering mobile apps at the speed of Facebook. And at that speed, communication between teams must be instantaneous. Today’s modern organizations, from Startups to Enterprises, use Slack and HipChat as essential part of their tool chain, so naturally we integrate with those, both in our Testing platform as well as in Monitoring. Check out how to integrate Bitbar Testing with your HipChat account

Haven’t tried out Bitbar Testing and/or Monitoring? Sign up for a free trial here today. 

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