Bitbar Testing vs Perfecto

Bitbar Testing is built for any size of mobile teams to bring your favorite tools for continuous testing, faster feedback and shorter mobile development lifecycle.

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Top reasons to go Bitbar Testing

  • Scalable test automation

    Automate tests across any number of real devices simultaneously. Unlimited concunrrency.

  • Responsive manual testing

    Interact with real devices to explore the real-world user experience. Fully cleaned devices before and after each session.

  • Framework agnostic

    Out-of-the-box support for any popular, native test automation frameworks and languages.

  • Rich test analytics

    View device behavior with visual flows and gain more insights from logs, screenshots, test recordings, etc.

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A closer look at why to choose Bitbar Testing over Perfecto

Device Concurrency

The greater scalability you have, the more devices your team can run tests against. Maximize your device coverage and improve your confidence when it comes to release.

Unlimited concurrency

Concurrency with extra fee













Pricing and plans

Public Cloud

Starting at
/ month

Shared mobile device cloud with access to all online devices.

1000s of Android and iOS devices

Unlimited users & projects

Unlimited device concurrency

Test automation

Manual testing

All test frameworks

Test analytics, results and files


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Dedicated devices and infrastructure, best for mobile DevOps and CI/CD.

All the core features plus

Private Cloud or On-Premise setup

Your preselected devices support for rooted or jailbroken devices

Custom Docker/VM images

Single sign-on

VPN/SSH tunnel

Customer Success Manager

and more

See what they say about Bitbar Testing

“The automation and scalability of Bitbar Testing allow us to execute more tests on more devices within the same amount of time.”

Rasmus Selsmark

QA Lead

“Throughout years of collaboration, Bitbar has helped us improve the confidence that our games will work on thousands of real devices and on all supported OS versions.”

Cosmin Baltaretu

Game Testing Lead

Also trusted by companies of any size and industry around the globe

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