Create kick ass reports on your Testdroid test results

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Every once in a while our users have asked us if we could implement a feature to create reports of test results that could be sent to their boss or customer to provide an overview of the results in one simple and easily readable format. Once again we have listened to our users and we are happy to introduce Reports-feature in Testdroid Cloud and Testdroid Enterprise in-house solution.

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Reports can be created on either for selected project or selected test run. On project level you can create a Summary report across all test runs in your project and on Test Run level you can create three different types of reports: Summary that present a high level overview, Failures that presents only failed tests on selected test run and Detailed Failures that presents the failed tests for selected test run in full detail. All these reports can be saved either in PDF, HTML or CSV (Comma Separated Text file) format.

If you feel that there standard reporting options do not cover your reporting needs, just shoot an e-mail to and we can create more report types for your specific needs.

Please check out also our Reports in Testdroid Cloud tutorial video.