EBOOK: How to Build Better Quality Apps with Help of Mobile Test Automation

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Software failures – bugs, crashes, or other unexpected behavior – with mobile apps will alienate the end-users pretty quickly. Not only that they uninstall your application, game or other masterpiece meant for hundreds of millions of users, your reputation will take a hit. Furthermore, number of uninstalls will reduce any app in search orders and suddenly the mass won’t even find your app anymore.

What to do to avoid this and how to build better quality apps? Take a look at this:

5 things to consider when adopting mobile test automation

In this ebook, we’ll be providing the basic foundation for building better mobile apps. As quality should be the top priority for any app developer, however, the name of the game in today’s competitive mobile application landscape is a speed combined with robustness. The ‘speed’ means a time how often developers can publish updates to their applications. And the ‘robustness’ is the most relevant factor to popularity — and will the app be exposed to hundreds of millions of users. So, what should app creators do to get their app quickly out and more robust?

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The Ultimate Hands-on Guide to Successful Mobile Web Testing

Learn how to do mobile web testing more efficiently and effectively and reap the benefits of it.


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