Embrace The Variety of the Android Market

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The Android market continues to grow at a speed not many can keep up with, and is equivalent to a never ending black hole. With new apps coming in and old apps pushed to the side, it’s hard to stay at the top of the pile. Not only is it difficult to create an app that will attract all types of users, but it is even more difficult to test the app and make sure it is ready to launch and will work on all types of phones. With the android market containing over 500,000 apps, and a significantly high removal rate, it’s more important than ever to test them on several devices in order to ensure a successful launch.

The fact is that there are many great devices available, and the list keeps growing, however keeping up should not be a chore, but rather a privilege. And after attending the Google I/O event last week, we learned lots of new ideas, and received great insight from other attendees.

In addition, we made it clear to all attendees that Testdroid allows developers to use a variety of Android devices as an advantage, focused on convenience and simplicity. Try it out yourself, and see why everyone is bragging about us!