ExtSolo publicized and Instatest updated

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Hi all,

we would like to introduce you API for ExtSolo class included in recorder-extensions library. You can find it in the menu under “ExtSolo Library” on http://docs.testdroid.com. You can find there examples for all of the available methods.
For instance:

[sourcecode language=”java”]
extSolo.clickOnHtmlElement("a", "id", "", "class", 0,
new HashMap<String, String>() {
put("custom_id", "my_val");
[sourcecode language=”java”]
extSolo.enterTextIntoHtmlElement("(//input[@id = ‘id’])[0]", "textToEnter");

There is also the library to download: direct link
Next thing worth your attention is Instatest. We extended it of logging inside the WebView.

Testdroid team.

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