Fresh News – Join Our Weekly Live Demos of Bitbar Testing

Join Our Weekly Live Demos of Bitbar Testing

Bitbar Testing provides a highly scalable device farm and testing infrastructure for agile mobile app testing to speed up the quality assurance of business-critical applications. With the support of all open source technologies, Bitbar Testing streamlines mobile DevOps processes and accelerates app delivery by reducing mobile test cycle. Our service is trusted and adopted by Global 2000 companies for CI/CD pipeline setup, maximal device coverage and device lab management.

Starting August 9th, 2017, we will be hosting interactive weekly live demos of Bitbar Testing at 9:00 AM EST and 11:00 AM PST every Wednesday.

Why are we launching weekly demos

The idea of offering weekly live demos is to introduce our new users to the Bitbar Testing platform and help you get up to speed with test automation. And eventually, you can make the most out of our advanced technology for mobile app testing and continuously respond to market needs by delivering quality apps. It is our hope that the weekly live demos will provide a better understanding of Bitbar Testing and how it can meet the needs of your mobile dev, testing and DevOps teams.

What will be covered

This demo focuses on the main functionalities and questions that matter to you. We will cover

We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity to see the product in action and get your questions answered by our experts. Be sure to sign up for one of our live demos today!

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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