From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar Cloud UI Update 2.51


Ah! New Year! New hopes, resolutions and expectations. All gyms crammed and in the newspapers (as always at this time) a lot of articles like “how to lose weight in a week” and “the sculpture you always dreamed about.” Our first Cloud update, released yesterday, also brings you a lot of sweets! But do not worry – all our goodies have 0 calories! 🤤

Refreshed Performance Graphs

CPU and RAM graphs inside the Device Run view now are using Vue.js and Chartist.js plugin. Charts are now generated faster and at the same time we are moving forward with converting legacy code to Vue.js.

Refreshed “Our Devices”

The public page “Our Devices” got some refreshment and it’s now using the same components as “Devices” page. 

Manual Testing: Set Log Level

In the Manual Testing Logs widget user can now select log level. It should reduce the amount of incoming logs from the device.

Manual Testing: Files Library List View Mode

When choosing files in Manual Testing by Files Library, users are now able to switch the view mode to list view to get more info about each file.

Admin: Dashboard – Market Share

For many years, Bitbar not only provides the best app testing platform for mobile developers but also try our best to help mobile teams stay with the cutting-edge technology and latest insights in mobile device testing

The Admin Dashboard now provides a set of data about Market Share based on the official Android™ source and iOS™ sources. Thanks to that, a System Administrator now can check if the Cloud instance device distribution is up-to-date with the current Market Share chart. It should also help to choose which devices need to be updated or replaced with the new ones to better fit the current market.

Admin: Change the Order of Labels

System Administrators can now change the order of labels and that of labels group manually. It should help to optimize the work and presentation of needed filters in the Devices view.

That’s all! I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊

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