From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar Cloud UI Update 2.52


Last time I have mentioned New Year resolutions. To be honest… I hate them. “I will do that”, “I will not do this” and “This Year I will…”. And in the end of year you feel like a person with empty promises. That is why we do not make such ones. Instead, we work hard to provide our customers with the best product. Speaking of which …

New UI Layout Frame

Has anyone expected that? 😄

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Just check how fresh it looks!

Main Menu

The Main Menu is now on the left side. With the burger button at the bottom one can easily collapse it or expand.

Icons of items are now visible all the time and thanks to that navigation is more intuitive as one don’t need to read title of every item. 

Icons an the top

Next is the top right corner. From user menu we have pulled couple of items and created new separate menu – Support.


New Heart

The best part is that this new Layout Frame is now 100% based on Vue.js! This is why pages load faster than ever. That being said, the main goal of this UI change is to lay the basis for upcoming updates and features that we want to implement!

To-Be-Expected Features

We have been always trying to bring the best user experience to our customers within each 2-week release cycle. That means in the 2 weeks time, you will be able to see more features coming to Bitbar Cloud:

  • Feedback Form (It will be accessible as a new item in the Support dropdown menu)
  • Improved user experience in lower resolutions (mobile phones and tablets)
  • A shortcut to Gravatar profile to create your own avatar (it will reside in My Account)

These are not some empty promises, as they are already implemented and waiting for testing in our development environment. 💪

Possibility to Delete Account

As we respect your privacy, we have added the possibility to delete account by yourself. In My Account we have created “Security” dropdown.

Keep in mind that the Delete Account functionality will not let you immediately remove all data. You have couple days to change your mind and abort the deletion process – without losing your data. After that – it’s all gone.

Manual Testing: Improved UX of Changing Log Level


Ideas for the Future

Please keep in mind that those are ideas that are under consideration – it’s up to you (users) if and when we will bring them to our product!

  • Shortcuts
    Will allow user to create own shortcuts in the navigation panel
  • Customizable Dashboard
    Will allow user to customize dashboard (show/hide widgets, change theirs position and size)


That’s all! I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊

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