From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar Cloud UI Update 2.53


When looking at the weather outside, you just want to say “winter is here” instead of “winter is coming”. But looking at the fact that I wanted to say “2.53 is here” … it might sound quite “cold”😅. And I assure you that the new version straight from the oven will warm you up!

Polishing the new UI Layout

According to what I wrote in the previous post, we have made a lot of effort to refine and polish the new UI layout.

Better Screen Resolution Responsiveness

We are aware of trends in usage of mobile devices to browse results or for our private customers – to use our UI by System Administrators. This is why we are trying to make our UI more flexible and mobile devices friendly. It’s not easy task, this is why we ask for your patience.

Current improvements:

  • Extra small resolutions (mobile phones)
    • Horizontal burger menu
    • Bigger menu buttons

  • Small resolutions (tablets and low resolution laptops)
    • Main Menu is now by default collapsed

  • Overall improvements for views:
    • My Account
    • Subscriptions

Rewritten Feedback Form

Feedback Form is now under Support menu.


It has been rewritten to Vue.js and now has a modal form. Don’t forget to try it out! 😉

Easy Access to Files Library 

I know that having access to Files Library only by starting up new Manual Testing session could be pain in the back. We couldn’t do a lot with that because of limitations in the previous layout logic under the hood. But now as we have moved to Vue.js we can at last spread the wings to a lot of more stuff that will make users’ lives easier! Button to open Files Library is now also under User menu.

User Avatar in My Account

In previous UI layout to change avatar (gravatar) user needed to click on avatar on the user menu. First of all it could be missleading and second it could be frustrating for mobile browsers users as that could be unintended action (i.e. they just wanted to open menu, as on mobile devices there is no cursor “hover” event). This is why we have added avatar to My Account widget with edit button that will redirect you to the gravatar page.

Bug Fixing

Everyone is doing mistakes. And we are not different. We know that first version of new UI layout had still some bugs that came out after smoke tests. Number of bugs have been fixed and we hope that you will feel the difference. Please use mentioned above Feedback Form if you will see something that still needs a fix.

Timeline View

What would you say if you could go back in time and check how your test was behaving on a particular device? If you could look at how logs from the device appear, how is the graph of CPU and RAM consumption going, and what was on the screen at the moment? Yes my friend – it is now possible! The new Timeline view is an alternative view for the device session view. We hope that this will allow mobile apps developers to better understand how the test performed on a given device, and thus will enable appropriate changes to be made to your application.
Note that the blue clock icon (which opens new view) will appear if your device session has all three: screenshots, device logs (devicelog.log file) and performance graph.
Below is a brief overview of the view and the short demo video.


That’s all! I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊

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