From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar Cloud UI Update 2.56


Last weekend we luckily had in Wrocław +12°C, but the temperature dropped drastically and we had the heaviest snow this winter. I thought “Well, that was like a beta version of incoming spring”. But don’t worry – we are not such cruel. We have a new beta feature for you and we will not take it from you at all 🙂

New Test Run Creator (Beta Feature)

We rewrote Test Run Creator (TRC) completely from the scratch. All steps are now on one page. Thanks to continuous synchronization with our backend, the new TRC checks the correctness and integrity of the configuration. The list of supported frameworks is dynamically fetched which should increase flexibility especially for enterprise solutions – those can be configured through Admin Panel.

Furthermore in a given project each new Test Run can be in a different framework! We hope that these changes will better satisfy the needs of our customers. Especially for those who need a lot of flexibility in the technology that they use.

If you haven’t enabled beta features yet and/or you don’t remember how to do it:

  1. Open My Account page
  2. Under the My Preferences section find row Show Beta Features
  3. Change setting to Yes
  4. Submit changes by clicking green Save preferences button

Now simply try to create new Test Run like before.

What you see now is the new Test Run Creator UI. 

As you can see it’s much cleaner right now.

In my particular case I have selected a Project that had already specified OS type. So as I mentioned above regarding continuous synchronization with our backend, the new UI pre-selects the OS type for me based on the type of Project created or selected. 

Next, according to the OS type you’ve selected in Step 1, the supported frameworks are displayed accordingly. Choose your target framework or continue without any test file for an AppCrawler test.

This information is also visible in the Choose Files step. I’m informed also about which extension is required by the chosen framework. By clicking on button Click to choose or upload file the mentioned many times before Files Library will open. And here we fulfilled the promise that we will give our users possibility to re-use files that they’ve uploaded. See? It’s here! No more re-uploading your files. Simply browse and select!

At this moment you can choose up to 3 files. To select multiple files try the same tricks like in your desktop file explorer. So for example in Windows and Linux CTRL key will work and on MacOS ALT key should work. You can navigate also by arrow keys, space, etc – just like in normal file explorer. Give it a try!

Before we move on, there’s a new Project type – “Generic”, in which users can flexibly switch between Android and iOS. In the next few releases, we will remove all project types. All projects will in Generic and users can freely choose the OS version. 

As it’s the first iteration of this new TRC and it’s marked as Beta feature so choosing devices options are pretty simple – you can run on currently idle devices (a feature from AppCrawler test run creator) or choose one of your device groups.

Also for now all the additional settings are visible all the time. Keep in mind that not all settings may work with each framework and/or OS type. We are working on better presentation which additional settings are available for the chosen framework and OS type.

Work under the hood

We have moved next parts of our system from legacy framework to Vue.js. Also we are preparing for huge changes in UI: updates and notifications in real-time! Cross your fingers! I will for sure keep you posted about this feature 🤞

That’s all! I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊

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