From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.37

Bitbar Testing UI Updates

Hello everyone!

You may wonder if you slept over the version 2.36 update with our Bitbar Public Cloud. Not really. We actually skipped over the release of UI 2.36 intentionally. In this post I will walk you through of what’ll be available with the latest and greatest, and provide you with some good (or poor) excuses of why the previous version was skipped over. Got your attention? Good! Keep reading! 🙂

The reason

First of all, we didn’t do a release for UI 2.36 at all. This was due to a maintenance break and we prioritized the update on our backend. Anyhow, everything planned for 2.36 is now included and incorporated in the latest version of 2.37.

Just few days before the code freeze we realized that we will not be able to fix all those major issues in the forthcoming features, and we will not be able to deliver as much high quality features as we want. The product and code quality in new features is always the number one priority for us and hence it is very important for us to provide our customers the best possible user experience with all our features and products.

Naturally, we are still only humans and we do mistakes, but nevertheless – we take the pride to provide you with only the best quality and never compromise on things that would give you a ‘bad taste’ of our releases. We’d not be proud of something that hasn’t properly gone through the mill and all things would not be polished for you. This decision was done after a discussion with our QA, and we decided to ask our PO to skip release of 2.36.

The really good excuses

Desktop Notification

The first thing that you will notice after login is that your browser asks for a permission to display Desktop Notifications.


Of course, we encourage you to allow browser to do so. In the future – and thanks to this new feature – we will be able to display information about finished test runs even if you switch to another browser tab or desktop application. For now those notifications (when allowed) replace those old toast messages. And as always, we wanted to provide you a glance and taste of this with this version so that you can take your time to get familiar with these notifications.

Manual Testing

The renewed Manual Testing view took the most of our time during the past few weeks. Since the last release we have basically rewritten the whole view (Infact, besides the Device Picker, all widgets have been rewritten to Vue.js). Our goal was to improve usability and make things yet simple.

Easier Start

So to start a new session now you are only asked to pick up a device. That’s all. We couldn’t make it more simple 😉

New Main View Layout

When you pick a device, the main Manual Testing (aka Interactive) view will appear. On the left side we have added a new widget that provides you:

  • Clear information what is going on
  • Information about device that has been picked
  • Possibility to Stop session or Change device
  • Information about files that have been picked and button to open Files Library

Files Library

This is our new child that will be store all files that user has uploaded. This is extremely handy and awesome feature for reusing, managing and even storing files – and get any of those instantly under a test session. For this one, we put a great effort to give it a similar look-and-feel when compared to file explorers or e.g. Google Drive.

Current features:

  • Navigation with mouse and keyboard (CTRL and SHIFT keys also work!)
  • Uploading file(s) (via button or Drag’n’Drop techniq)
  • Deleting file(s) (shortcut: DEL)
  • Editing file name (shortcut: F2)
  • Sorting via: name, file type, size and creation date
  • Showing icon of Android app (if possible)

In the near future:

  • Changing view mode to detailed list
  • Creating and managing filesets
  • Access via User Menu

Here is a short video of how uploading files looks like:

Renewed log widget

Log viewer was real bottleneck in this view and frankly, a CPU hog. We decided to unify all logs widgets in our system. The current version is a significant improvement and simplifies a lot for users.

The main functionality, however, hasn’t changed: we wanted to keep the same look-and-feel that you are familiar with already. In addition to this significant background change, there are two features that are worth mentioning:

  1. Android logcat logs syntax coloring according to official documentation
  2. More themes support
    We know that our customers are mainly developers and every developer has his/hers own code editor theme preferences. So we have decided to pick 7 the most popular themes (according to this ranking) + 1 default one and give you possiblity to pick which you want to use. You may choose if you want to use it only now or save it as you preference. You can always change it in My Account view.
    To choose them simply click on bursh icon.

    Then modal will appear.

    In the near future all log widgets will share the same preference. So if e.g. in Manual Testing you will change your preference then in device run summary view the log widget will also the same theme!

Refreshed screenshots widget

Screenshots widget has been also refreshed and rewritten to use Vue.js. Functionality hasn’t changed.

That’s all! I’m confident that you’ll love these new add-ons, features and capabilities that will surely help you to do your manual or automated testing easier, more smooth and instant. If you want to comment on any of these changes and new features, please leave a comment and let us know what you think about those. And as always, we’re eager to add the best ones in our forthcoming releases!

I wish you fruitful testing and see you again next time!

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