From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.41

Bitbar Testing UI Updates

Cześć! (It’s “Hi!” in Polish)

Do you know song Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger of Daft Punk? I just checked out that it’s from 2001. Man! 16 years ago! How old I feel!😅 But don’t worry, our version 2.41 feels young and just like in this song – harder, better, faster and stronger!😎


For this release we spent the majority of time on reinforcing security of our product. In 2.41 our main focus was to immunize Cloud to Cross-Site Request Forgery attack (CSRF in short). And I’m happy that I can announce that our public and private customers may feel safer! 👮

Better 🍰

Simpler Registration Process

We have simplified our registration process. Now, after clicking on activation link new users will see really simple form:

Also we have added password strength meter. It’s based on zxcvbn – realistic password strength estimation algorithm.

Admin: Managing Notifications

System Administrators now have a very cool tool to easily manage notification plans, check to which users particular notifications will be sent, test it and of course execute it. Our Bitbar PrivateCloud and Bitbar On-Premise customers will have now better control over what notifications, when and to which channels are being sent.


Faster 🏎

Thanks to moving CSS files to AMD approach, the load speed of UI is now 15% faster than before! Yep! No more downloading unnecessary style files. And trust me – we will make it even faster… somehow… 😄 

Stronger 💪

I know this is not strictly UI related, but our way to grow product stronger is by making our team stronger. And the level of team integration is the key to getting there. The better communication between team members exists, the easier it is to work together and a lot faster to find solutions for everyday’s challenges. This is why last week our Polish team went for weekend-integration camp 😎 It was awesome!

Mountains that you can see in the background are Stołowe Mountains (also known as the Table Mountains). The photo has been taken at Szczeliniec Wielki.


Here is the song that I have mentioned:

That’s all!

For now I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 😊

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