From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.42

Bitbar Testing UI Updates


Finally we have summer! In our team, it’s not only summer vacations, cold beer and barbecues, but also the time when the entire team devotes entirely to something else …

but first things first – let me quickly tell you what’s new in UI.

UI Update

Admin: Dashboard Update

Counters and most of texts in Admin Dashboard are now clickable – it should speed up work for system administrators. Also there are 2 new widgets – Device Problems and Test Runs. The Device Problems widget shows issues related to specific device instances and device models. It also gives information on to which cluster the devices are connected. With this new feature administrators in no time know exactly where problematic devices are located, so one can immediately take actions – without wasting time on searching information about it.

The Test Runs widget lists items that are running longer than 1 hour. It’s designed to help discover or prevent situations that tests are going in infinity loop or some similar cases.

Admin: Minor Tweaks

We know that user experience of admin menu wasn’t the best – sometimes it was really frustrating when you missed item and menu hidden immediately. This is why we made the change – The menu now has a 500ms delay, so there should be no more situations that one need to try to open admin menu one more time, because accidentally went cursor outside the menu. 

Test Run Creator: GameBench Always Enabled

To simplify the creation of test run, we have removed GameBench switch. Now GameBench is always enabled if user has configured integration with this service. 

Migration to Vue.js – Progress Update

We have moved Login page and Recover Password to Vue.js. Now all views that user can access without logging in are moved to Vue.js. It’s really good news for us and motivates us that it’s doable and we can see light in the tunnel 😊

VueConf 2017

Our Frontend Team went to first worldwide Vue.js conference – VueConf 2017. It was really cool to meet so many people that collaborate to create and develop this framework. We have learnt a lot – especially about methodology of work with Vue.js components and such tools like Webpack that we probably will try to use for our projects in the future. Maybe if we will be able to finish moving the whole UI to Vue.js, then we will try to say something about our journey in next VueConf? Who knows? 😉


Plans for the Next Month

As I wrote at the beginning of the post – summer is time when our team devotes entirely to something else. This year we will spend this time on 2 things:

  1. Selenium Automated Regression
  2. Putting our system parts in Docker containers

This is why the next release will be probably around 16th of August. Personally I think that the 2nd point is more interesting, because it should simplify not only our lives but also customers’! Well, I cannot tell anything more about it. Just please keep fingers crossed and stay tuned! 😋

That’s all!

For now I wish you fruitful testing nice summer holidays and see you next time! 😎

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