From the Desk of the Developer: Bitbar UI Update 2.48


Long time no see! I’m looking into posts history to check when last time I wrote UI Update… and wow! It was 30th June! But fear not – we are back on the tracks. So all aboard – I invite you to a (short) journey to review updates in version 2.48.

New ‘Devices’ View

For the past years, our device cloud has been offering the largest number of unique device models for various HW/SW combinations in the market. And this is one of the strengths that make us differentiate from the crowd and attract users to our system. This makes a top priority to provide our customers with a better user experience so that they can quickly and easily find the needed devices or compare parameters between devices. Therefore, we have decided to start from the scratch – redesigning and rewriting the whole ‘Devices’ view (of course, using Vue.js).

The view is still under development and we are still grinding it. But you can get early access to the new view by enabling the “Beta feature” in “My Account -> My Preferences”.

Better Management, More Flexibility

Now, when you click on the Devices tab you should see a brand new view (see below).

1. Greater Visibility into Dedicated Devices

Firstly, I’d like to introduce a newly added subset feature to the Devices view – Dedicated Devices label. If you are a newcomer to Bitbar Cloud, we provide Dedicated Devices to our customers for exclusive and unlimited access. These devices are dedicated to your unique testing purposes, e.g. CI testing, specific device configurations, higher priority tests, etc.

Now if you have such devices then those are visible at the very beginning of devices list. Dedicated devices are marked with a diamond icon.

Default view

Available dedicated devices view


2. More Space for Devices

The Device Group is now a side panel of Devices widget. Thanks to that, users can pin/unpin it whenever he wants.


3. Smoother Filters

We’ve improved the speed of device filtering. Applied filters are now visible even after collapsing group. Filters are not applied automatically anymore – use button “Apply filters” to do it. 


4. Improved Creation of Device Groups

We have improved the way of creating new device groups. The ‘drag and drop’ (desktops only) works now much better.


5. Enhanced Device List View Mode

The device list now has 2 view modes – grid (default) and list. This should help our customers to compare devices that they want to choose.


We are planning to make this view as default Device view (so without enabling “Beta features”) in next release – 2.49. But we will not replace any other places with new widget at once. We will try to do it slowly step by step.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts here or at one of our social profiles.

That’s all! I wish you fruitful testing and see you next time! 🚂

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