GDC 2015 – Experience The Latest and Greatest in Mobile Game Development and Testing

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Dear Testdroiders,

It’s again the time for Game Developer Conference and naturally Testdroid team will be participating and showcasing in this great event. We’ve lots of awesome things to show you so do check out our latest improvements for mobile game development and testing. And if you want to meet up for more formal discussion, please let us know.


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We’ll be showcasing our new features and improvements at Qualcomm booth (booth 612). We have all Testdroid products available for you to try and the following demos are set up:

  • Image Recognition for Advanced Mobile Game Testing. Testdroid provides comprehensive support for advanced image recognition features to make mobile game development and testing easy, instant and result-driven.
  • Better Graphics Performance with Smaller Battery Drain. Testdroid integrates with various app optimizers, industry’s the most uncheatable performance benchmark and other analyzers to improve the performance optimization and battery consumption for mobile games.
  • Remote Manual Access to Any Mobile Device. Testdroid’s remote manual access offers an instant way to get your mobile game running on any device, with any device configuration or OS version.
  • The Most Flexible Product Deployment Options. Testdroid provides public, private and on-premises solutions for different types of game development and testing needs.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at GDC 2015!


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