Google I/O 2013 wrap up

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Hi all,

Last weeks Google I/O 2013 goes down to our memories as one of the greatest successes for Testdroid so far:

First, we were really excited to hear of the amazing 900 million activated up to date with 1.5 million new activations every single day! Second, we were thrilled about the new Android Studio and the commitment Android team is putting behind Android tools to fuel the application ecosystem. Also they have not forgot testing either like Xavier Ducrohet pointed out on his The new Android SDK Build System presentation where he mentions Testdroid as one important integration point when it comes to testing your Android apps. Third, our demos were received with amazement and excitement by Google I/O visitors. We had two Google I/O specific demos on our stand: The first one was a sneak preview of a totally new online test recorder that was introduced for the first time to the wider public. This amazing product will be available for all Testdroid users a bit later this year and Google I/O was perfect place for gathering early adopter feedback for this totally new concept. The second demo was Testdroid Runner – the easiest way ever to get started with Testdroid. You don’t even need an APK to test your (or any app)! All you need to do is to type any application name, Testdroid Runner will fetch it from Google Play and run Testdroid App Crawler on it. Now you don’t even have to have Testdroid account either as you can log in with your Google account. Trying out Testdroid does not get any easier than this!

Testdroid Runner

Finally, we collated this cool video of our best moments in Google I/O 2013:

See you all next year!