Google I/O 2016 Starts in One Day!

Dear Testdroiders,

The countdown has started. 1 day left till Google launch the Google I/O 2016 event. Thousands of Android enthusiasts will flock for Google’s latest news on its operating systems – Android and Chrome. Everyone surely will avail the event for learning new techniques for their Android apps/games and new trends of Google’s developer products.

Google I/O 2016

What new things to expect?

Undoubted, the most exciting thing for Google I/O 2016 is ‘Android N’. Not only will we know what sweets ‘N’ stands for, but we will get a full overview of the new features. Currently, the known new features from the event schedule include Multi-Window mode and Notifications.

Multi-window mode

Multi-window feature allows Android users to manage multiple apps and activities at the same time. As app developers, you can now enable this functionality with new APIs for your app users to ease the need of multi-tasking by resizing different activities up to full screen or down to a minimal size.

Notifications in Android N

From the session description, we can’t tell much about what the new notification APIs can bring. But it’s very likely that Android developers can enable replies from notifications if your app alert, inform or engage users with notifications.

Join These Great Android Sessions

In addition to listening to the new features, there are plenty of useful and insightful sessions worth attending.

  • For anyone who uses Espresso for Android test automation, ‘Advanced Espresso’ is a must-go-to session. Check out how to run an Espresso test on Testdroid Cloud before the event.
  • Likewise, ‘The experts guide to Android development tools’ covers everything if you’d like to get a deeper understanding of Android Studio. Connect your Android Studio with our Cloud.
  • Looking to improve the security of your app? Learn what’s new in Android security in (M and N version).
  • As operations and marketing team, making money on Google Play falls on your plate.

One more thing worth noting is that Google soon will roll out App Streaming, a new way for Android users to try out games via Google Search and Ads before they hit the download button. It would be even more crucial for any Android game developers to ensure their games are ready for the market and users with a high quality to win a real download. Combined with ‘Increasing app quality with testing & monitoring’, ‘Stream your game to reach new users’ is what you need for increasing your DAU.

Come to meet us

We will be attending the Google I/O 2016 for all 3 days. Besides, we will also join the Intel’s Day 0 Google I/O party tonight. If you are also attending and wish to have a corridor talk or a deep discussion on Android or even just a toast, contact our Director of Sales, Dave Horner at dave (dot) horner (at) bitbar (dot) com.