[(Gradle + Testdroid) × (Mobile + Developers + Testers)] ÷ California = YES

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We’re headed to the Gradle Summit today in Santa Clara, California and wow, are we excited.  Not just because we’re going to be part of the world’s first conference focused on the Gradle open source build automation tool.  Or because we’ll be rubbing elbows with leading developers and the cool Gradleware team.  Or even because the Summit is being held in sunny California and the weather in Europe has been anything but (you probably guessed that reason already).

The main reason we’re over-the-moon is because it’s not every day that you walk into an event while simultaneously making an announcement with said event organizer.  That’s right Testdroiders:  Bitbar announced today that we have successfully integrated Testdroid Cloud to Gradle.

Gradle is the next-generation, open-source build system for Google’s Android platform and provides an advanced build system as well as an advanced build toolkit allowing developers to create custom build logic through plugins.  With Testdroid Cloud and Gradle integration, testing will become easier because developers can instantly launch their tests in Testdroid Cloud using Gradle’s build language DSL, or even directly from IntelliJ that supports Gradle.

For users, this means accelerated application development and testing thanks to the combination of two different types of products, Gradle’s open standards and Testdroid Cloud’s testing on real devices.

Not to toot our own horn too much (and we’ll refrain from printing up t-shirts), but Testdroid Cloud has become one of the most prominent tools for Android and iOS application and game developers to verify their products on a variety of mobile devices.  With every integration like the one with Gradle, we confirm this even more.  See you in Santa Clara!