Greetings to all Droidcon Berlin visitors

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Dear Android developers,

In the past year Android has taken giant leaps in all possible fronts: It has taken the market leading position in device shipments, in number of new models, in number of available applications and also, unfortunately, the number one position as the most fragmented mobile platform around. We at Bitbar have done a lot of work so that every Android developer could worry less about Android fragmentation. By automating your Android testing with Testdroid tools you can get the needed device coverage – and it is easier than ever!

In Droidcon Berlin we are introducing new ways to make your Android testing even more easier with following great new improvements to our Testdroid tools:

Testdroid Recorder 2.0 sneak peek

You can see an exclusive sneak peek of Testdroid Recorder 2.0 on our stand at Droidcon Berlin. The biggest improvement in Testdroid Recorder 2.0 is the strong integration to Testdroid Cloud. Now you can run your test recording on real devices in Testdroid Cloud directly from your Eclipse. We have designed a very elegant one click test run submission for this purpose and this will make your automated testing on real devices even more easier.

InstaTest on Testdroid Cloud

We will also be demoing Testdroid Cloud’s new InstaTest feature. With InstaTest you can just upload you application to Testdroid Cloud and InstaTest will install your application to all devices at Testdroid Cloud, log in to your application (if login is needed), click through each screen of your application and take a screenshots of different screens. Full logs of the whole process on each device is provided for further inspection. This is a very easy way to get a rough idea on which Android models your application is working and on which ones there are problems. Testing Android applications has never been this easy!

Testdroid Server in live action

On Testdroid stand you can also see Testdroid Server in live action with a suitcase full of real Android Devices running live Tests fresh from Testdroid Recorder 2.0.

We will also be pitching for Android testing session for the Barcamp on Tuesday. Anyone interested in integrating automated testing as part of their Android development process please make sure you vote for us 🙂