Greetings to Droidcon London visitors

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Dear Droidcon London visitors,

Droidcon London has a special place in the Testdroid story that has already now become a raving success. It was just a year ago in Droidcon London where we first announced plans for creating a cloud service focused on automating testing of Android applications on real Android devices. To demo our plans we had a case of 12 devices running hundreds of tests during the two days of Droidcon and hundreds of interested developers signed up for the invitation of our private beta. Now one year, 150 devices and thousands of users later we can safely say that we did not anticipate even in our wildest dreams how strong the demand for such service would be.

In the past year Testdroid has developed in leaps. We estimate that we now cover over 80% of the most popular Android devices, the stability and performance of the service is on very high level and we have introduced a list of more enterprise focused features such as testing on any device language, detailed performance monitoring and mock location support for location based apps. We have also introduced support for testing of HTML based apps as well as hybrid apps containing native and webview elements.

We are now focusing providing more and more value through fully automated test creation and this year we are proud to announce Testdroid App Crawler in Droidcon London. Testdroid App Crawler is a revolutionary way to automatically test your Android application on hundreds of real Android devices without any scripting or manual interaction. With its intelligent algorithms Testdroid App Crawler can even log in to your app, fill any text or number field with data and it works even with hybrid apps containing web views. As a result you get a graphical representation of App Crawler’s path through the application complete with sceenshots, logs and performance data. You can forget using the Monkey exerciser – Android testing will never be the same! Check out the Testdroid App Crawler demo video at

Another big announcement this year is that in the coming months Testdroid will be expanding beyond Android and the next stop on that journey is iOS. Over the past year Apple has done such a great work on introducing new mobile devices and OS versions in accelerating speed that many of our users are desperately calling for help on automating their iOS testing on real iOS devices – on all of them in one go. Having the experience and expertise from building highly scalable test automation platforms, our engineers were well positioned to crack that nut as well. We will be rolling out our iOS solution first as an in-house test server that our customers can use to automate their iOS app testing with the devices they already have and by the end of the year we aim have every iOS device on every relevant OS version available in Testdroid Cloud.

With these exciting announcements we would like to thank the whole Droidcon community for the great interest and support we have received and we can assure you that we will keep pushing the envelope for easier, faster and better testing of mobile apps. Watch this space!

Best regards,
Testdroid Team