Happy Holidays and Claim Your Holiday Gifts

Hello everyone,

Year 2017 is around the corner and holiday season is approaching again. I bet you have been preparing and purchasing all kinds of gifts for families, friends and working partners.

As been grateful for supporting and trusting us over the past year, Bitbar has prepared holiday gifts for all of you and we believe that the gifts will help you achieve a greater success in the New Year. Let’s unbox and check out what special things you’ll get.

  • Free Mobile Testing Consultation – Complimentary 1 hour strategy session with our new Head of Consulting, Shawn Edge!
  • Up to 20% Off Dedicated Devices – Integrating with CI, have long tests or require a VPN? Add dedicated devices to your Testdroid account!
  • 10 Free Hours in Public Cloud – New signups get free time on the Testdroid Cloud!
  • New Annual Plans Receive Bonus – We’ve got a special stocking stuffer for folks that want to solidify a testing strategy for 2017!

Keep in mind that these special offers are valid until the year ends. Please claim your gifts here as soon as possible!

* Testing consultations are provided on a first come first served basis and are subject to availability.

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