Happy Holidays and New Year

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Dear Testdroiders,

Year 2013 will come to an end soon. We’d like to thank you for using Testdroid services for your mobile app testing. And we wish you have a good holiday season.

Overall, the mobile app testing environment is getting better year over year. We at Testdroid have been dedicated to building the easiest-to-use and the most systematic mobile test automation tool for Android and iOS ecosystem. Our vision is to guarantee that mobile developers can always build super robust and reliable automated tests with Testdroid.

The year 2013 also saw big progress in Testdroid in terms of events, new products and new services.

  • Exciting event:

Back in May 15-17 we were showcasing Testdroid in the most-known sandbox in the technology playground, the Google I/O Developer Conference Sandbox. On the event, we also announced the sign-in with Google +.

  • New product:

When Testdroid was only supporting Android testing, many of our users showed interest in running tests on iOS devices with Testdroid Cloud as well. In this July we brought Testdroid Cloud for iOS (beta) to every iOS developer, with access to more than 15 real devices. If you are interested in testing on iOS devices, you can get the access here.

  • New service:

Testing app functionality, performance and compatibility is always a high priority task for mobile developers. However, they usually overlook the security of the third-party libraries and code they use when building the apps. This is because separating the app testing and app security testing is painful to many developers and they do not know how to identify the threats from extenal components. Based on that, we introduced a new service for security and vulnerability testing – the integration of Testdroid Cloud with Codenomicon.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Testdroid services for the whole year, and we’ll see you in 2014.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Testdroid Team